(at least until we can get the fucking thing printed.)

Nick and the Blob is a free web comic hailed as one of the top ten most inspired and irreverent titles of the year. But, keep your expectations low, like in the gutter and just read it for fun. You won't be disappointed. Click here to read Nick And The Blob ISSUE 2

A word from the creators

I can't believe you made it this far down the page. Congratulations, you deserve one of those fucking medals everybody gets nowadays for showing up...wait, I'm being told humor, sarcasm, nonsensical, nonlinear thought, irony and a bunch of other things I love don't come across well online. So, to be clear I want everybody to read our book even if you're retarded and require a medal just for showing up. I hope you like it and if you are one of those people that only like things your friends like. Well, I hope your friends like it.

P.S. I really am sorry you missed issue number one. I hope someday you won't have to suck dick in an alley for a copy, of course unless you like that. In which case, I know the perfect alley.

Now who wouldn't want to be freinds on facebook with someone with that kind of knowledge?

-Astor Berlin
the fucking writer

Oh, don't listen to Astor he's just mad because when he pees he can no longer see his penis. I know this because he yelled out from the bathroom, "Oh, my god, I'm so fat I can't see my dick anymore when I pee." To be honest that says a lot about this book and is probably a warning he should look out for type two diabetes.

But, seriously we just want you all to shit your collective pants with excitement after reading our comic because Astor Berlin, Frank Acker, Mikio Iida, and I worked hard to bring it to you. So, enjoy.

-Lucy Mansfield,
the fucking colorist

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Me like to draw.

-Frank Acker,
the fucking draw-er

If you act like a kangaroo you should be treated like one. OK, I clearly have nothing to say here. But I'd like to add to the insanity anyway. Please, please like this book so we can gain a following and get it picked up and into print some day. Miracles can happen right?

OK, I'm off to drink and get all red faced.

-Mikio Iida,
the fucking drunk letter-er